Well drilling and/or pump maintenance can be expensive investment for your home or business. C&R Well and Pump, Inc. are specialists in submersible pump systems and have been in the well drilling business for over 25 years. Below are common questions we are often asked:

Q: How much does a well cost?
A. The cost of a well varies due to several conditions and your needs, including the depth required to drill and accessibility of the truck equipment.

Q: How long does a pump usually last?
A: It depends on several factors but typically 12-14 years.

Q: How much does a pump cost?
A. The cost of a pump varies depending on flow requirements, how deep the pump is set and the yield of the well.

Contact us for more information about drilling wells or pump repair. We are glad to design a pump system that’s right for you or perform a number of services to ensure your well operates properly.