C&R Well and Pump, Inc., Specialists in drilled water wells and submersible pump systems, Bowdoin, Maine

C&R Well and Pump, Inc. has been providing drilled water wells and submersible pump systems for residential or commercial customers in Central Maine for over 25 years. We design conventional pumps, constant pressure systems and variable speed pump systems to your specific requirements.

Our services include:


  • Submersible pump repair and replacement
  • Troubleshoot expansion tank,¬†repair¬†or replacement
  • Tank replacement
  • Diagnose constant pressure systems or variable speed systems


  • Complete drilling services
  • Custom wells, new excavation/installation
  • Diagnose sand, bacteria or iron problems
  • Well inspection or system diagnostics
  • Camera inspection to solve contaminated water, locate fractures or iron and manganese intrusion
  • Well casing extensions
  • Well service calls (repair and maintenance)